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History & Reliability

At Mundus Prime, our journey is a testament to our commitment to history and reliability in the chartering and project management industry. Since our inception, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation while maintaining a steadfast focus on delivering reliable and efficient solutions. Our evolution from offering comprehensive chartering services to integrating complete supporting engineering services showcases our dedication to meeting the diverse needs of our clients. Embracing the latest industry practices, we have continually adapted to the dynamic market, ensuring that our methods are not only current but also future-ready. This blend of historical expertise and a relentless pursuit of excellence positions Mundus Prime as a trusted leader, dedicated to upholding the highest standards in every project we undertake.

How it started

Jul 2022

The start

DCC license granted<br> Chartering

Feb 2023


Duke and Mustang under techcnical and commercial management

Dec 2023

Building on momentum

MVP Everest Commercial and techcnical management / Duke Mustang LT charter Nigeria


Mundus Prime success stories

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Deliver value and sustainable performance to stakeholders


To become a trusted offshore management and construction organization.


Adaptive (Resiliant to enviroment or circumstance)
Supportive (Of each other and our Stakeholders)

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With decades of ship chartering, management, contracting, onshore and offshore construction experience, we’ll bring our wealth of knowledge and insight to provide the most complete bespoke solutions for your next energy construction project.
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